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In our industry, we routinely shift equipment between our Warehouse and Shipyard locations (various yards depending on workload). I know that I can always go into the Asset Tab, click the Edit button and move the location of the equipment, however it does not track any log of those moves, nor does it log a date that it changed location.


In the future, is there any chance there will be asset location logs? I know many of MaintainX customers probably wouldn’t have a need for this as their equipment is stationary, but it would certainly be helpful. If there is a work-around for this, I’m all ears.



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Maybe not as much as in a shipyard, but we move assets around plenty in the R&D/Manufacturing space too. You're not alone @Ray Steele .

I believe MaintainX stores this information on their side; have you tried reaching out to the support team? They may be able to send you a report of changes that isn't otherwise available.

But I agree- asset history needs some work. Other changes to description, assigned teams, parts, etc. aren't publicly available either. It'd be great if we had access to that information. The parts usage history is on the right track there. In that same section, comments would be useful in situations where a whole work order wasn't totally necessary to report a change.

In the meantime, maybe you could try scheduling daily exports of Asset data. Digging through the data would be a pain and a half, but at least you'd have the history somewhere.

Actually,  this would useful to many in the filed.  I agree, sending a request to programmers at  MaintX to add a Time/ Date stamp to an Asset, and display the record log would suffice. 

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@Ray Steele Update: I think MaintainX might’ve added this feature recently. I don’t see this in the recent site changelog so maybe we overlooked it, but the report has just about everything in it.

Try going to an asset and clicking the three dots. There should be an option in the dropdown that reads “Download History of Changes”. It generates a file with a complete detailed log since the asset was created. Example below from one of our assets.