MS Power BI/Automate

Has anyone has success with using Power BI and Power Automate with MX?

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Haven't used PowerBI integration myself yet, but have you tried the new integration marketplace?


(popped up as one of the latest YouTube videos)


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Would it be possible to get a series of feature Webinars that do deep dives on specific MaintainX integrations? (i.e. an episode on Power BI integration, an episode on Power Automate integration, an episode on SAP integration etc) that showcase how they can best be utilised?

I know MachineMetrics made a MaintainX demo video themselves on the integration marketplace, would be great to see similar for the other integrations.

Hi Sam - Love this idea! A Webinar format may be a little tricky as the integrations are very custom/customizable by their very nature, but we can certainly look at increasing our Integrations related content :)