Projects longer than 8 Hours on Workflow?

  • 27 March 2024
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We have projects that are longer than 8 hours… Many of them.

Say you create a project that is 16 hours.

If you use the “Workflow” Screen and drag a project over to someone to assign, it shows up RED and there’s virtually no way to fix it. It just shows up as I HOURS OVER and there’s no way to fix it unless you break the job down into 2, 8 hour jobs.. Pardon me, but this don’t work well for me. 

What about a project that has a main task, but 8 sub tasks that need to be checked off as they are completed? …running into a huge snag there.. 

2 replies

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Hey @Wesley Nichols, thanks for the question and feedback. 

The way most of our clients use MaintainX’s Workflow planning feature with projects is to break down the project into sub-tasks, as you indicated above. The way you track the overall project is to leverage category tags associated with the project, to make it easy to leverage our filters to track the overall project. 

I totally understand the your concern with the ‘Red’ indicator suggesting a user may be assigned too much work for one day, and it may seem alarming, but it won’t restrict additional work from being assigned if needed. 

That said, I’m sharing this feedback with our team and will have your account manager follow up to ensure we can help with full context.




I agree, it is possible to use the Work orders as Sub tasks, and then tying them together as one project.