Seeking Insights: Training Challenges and User Errors for Requesters in MaintainX

  • 16 April 2024
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Hello everyone,

I'm exploring the best practices for training Requesters in the MaintainX system and would greatly appreciate your insights and experiences. If you've been involved in training or managing Requesters, I'd like to learn about the challenges you've faced and how you've addressed them.

  1. Training Challenges: What are the most common difficulties when training new Requesters? Are there specific aspects of MaintainX that they find difficult to understand or use?
  2. User Errors: What are the typical mistakes that Requesters make when using MaintainX? Are there any recurrent errors or misunderstandings that seem to crop up frequently?

Understanding these issues will help us improve our training methods. Please share any tips, strategies, or anecdotes about your experiences. 


Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your valuable insights!

2 replies

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Training challenges for me, were mostly due to not understanding what we are using the platform for. I needed to set up a power point to explain why we use it and how it will help them if they use it correctly. Everyone was using the High Priority thinking it would get more attention and resolve their issue quicker. I had to explain that the priority is based on the direct effect it has on production or safety.

Another is how to title the request. If they are very vague on their title or description, I have to take time out to find them and have them explain or show me what the problem is. I showed them how to use (good) pictures to help show what is happening.

I have seen a dramatic change in how I receive requests now.

Historically,  we have always struggled with Requestors indicating a proper Location, as well a ticket name and detailed description, as stated above.  If the Location is Mandatory on the ticket, and they cannot go further, until they pick a Location from the list, this seems to solve the problem.   A brief pop up statement or a statement  next to the Name and Description boxes of the work order, would help some Requestors to name the work order and to provide a detailed description.