Welcome to the MaintainX Community! Introduce Yourself!

  • 9 January 2024
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Welcome to the MaintainX Community! This is our official introduction thread!

New to the community? Read the guidelines here.

Regardless of when you join this community, drop a brief introduction below.

Share (what you’re comfortable with) your job title, industry, how long you’ve been using MaintainX and a fun fact!


Brief Introduction from me:
I'm Nick Haase, a proud co-founder of MaintainX, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to our new community. Over the last five years, I've had the honor of collaborating with world-class professionals, both within our MaintainX team and among our esteemed clients.

My passion lies in helping organizations to modernize their reliability strategies, a crucial step in adapting to our ever-evolving world. The work done in our industry is foundational, keeping the lights on and the world moving. I firmly believe in the power of collective effort — sharing best practices is essential for the long-term success and stability of the critical systems we rely on.

On a personal note, I'm currently based in Florida with my wife and our dog. In my downtime, I enjoy flying drones and (hopelessly) rooting for the Dallas Cowboys to win the Superbowl.

Looking forward to connecting with each of you and building an exciting and collaborative community here at MaintainX.

25 replies

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Hello, my name is Brandon Cook and I am new to the Maintainx community page.  I have been in the car wash industry for 30 years and I am the Sr. Manager of Equipment for my company. During the last 4+ years I have been in 5 different roles which helped me utilize Maintainx in all facets. Including creating and closing work orders, building surveys, reoccurring preventive maintenance procedures, parts inventory, adding new locations, users, and teams.  A fun fact about me is I am a certified Beekeeper and I have sold honey to the local grocery stores.  

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Certified Beekeeper!! That’s awesome!!! Looking forward to the sharing of knowledge and experience with folks like you in this community.

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Hello to all. Chris Wilcox here. Over 30 years as a Maintenance professional. For the last 20 years working in the chemical industry. My team and I have been using MaintainX for almost 4 years now and loving every minute of it! Really enjoy discussion revolving around CMMS, processes and inspections. Looking forward to interacting with this community.


Little bit about me. Hard core tool addict!!! got the bug bad! I’m married with an amazing 13 year old daughter and live in Westmont, IL. A suburb just outside of Chicago.  

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Hi all,

My name is Tim Garland and I’m the Director of Facilities at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, CT. I started in the electrical trade 25 years ago, and started working in higher ed. facilities in 2002. In 2022 I was hired as the first full time facilities director in the New England Air Museum’s history. One thing that was clear for me early on was that we needed a CMMS. After researching different platforms and shortening the list with a couple of free trials, MaintainX was a clear choice for me. I have been using MaintainX for almost one year and appreciate the many features it has. I’m looking forward to taking greater advantage of what MaintainX can do and to engaging with this community.

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Hello all,

My name is Woody Rogers and I am the Maintenance Supervisor at Cintas Loc 45 in Greensboro, NC. My location is basically an industrial laundry that has washers and dryer that hold 500 lbs at a time. We have other equipment (300 assets) like a 150 hp boiler, air compressors, a shuttle, conveyors, a steam tunnel, presses, heat seals, etc. I have been doing maintenance work for 30 years and have been in this industry for 25+ years. We used eMaint for probably over 15 years, however as time went on our company needed our CMMS to do more. So back in Feb 2022 I was asked to test/pilot a new CMMS (MaintainX). As I used MaintainX and discovered some of the advantages and capabilities it had, it was clear that we needed to switch over to it. That was a big undertaking but our company transitioned over to MaintainX over last summer (2023), and are better off for it. of course there is always things that can be improved, but I have to say that MaintainX has been responsive to our individual needs and look forward to working with them in the future. This community is an example of MaintainX trying to improve by us giving our feedback, so I look forward to discussing things with everyone.  

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Hello All,


Im Scotty, My wife and I run a GMP/FDA Pharmaceutical manufactory facility in New Zealand. Ive been in the automation industry for 15 years. We have been using MaintainX for 2 years, 6 months of that was validating the software for GMP/FDA. Traditionally GMP/FDA is very paper based so was a massive job to get a CMMS up and running. Absolutely love it and makes my life so much better. 

We have a small engineering team currently with 3 engineers covering one shift, hoping to move to two shifts this year.

Little bit about me personally, I am a volunteer firefighter, love open water diving and golf. Married with 2 boys with one more on the way.  

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My Name is Dries Schoeman, I have been involved in CMMS systems since 1994 and have been running my own business since then, I am based in South Africa and I currently act as a reseller for MaintainX in South Africa.

also provide other professional services related to maintenance management, love hiking and would spend up to a week on a long distance hike once or twice a year. 

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Hello! I’m the VP of the condo board and formerly managed facility services for the 16th largest school district in Texas. I’ve had experience writing and implementing a work order program for a condominium project in Hawaii and my distribution company. After retirement, I prioritized effective communication and service order management for condo owners, leading me to choose MaintainX for its user-friendly interface and capabilities. It has proven to be crucial for running our 129-unit complex smoothly. Looking forward to learning more from this group. 

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Hello.  I’m Director of Facilities for a hospitality company in Upstate New York.  We manage a hotel, three restaurants, and five properties with apartments and commercial retail spaces.  I have been in this position for five years and have been using MaintainX for three.  The most important tool MaintainX gives our team is work flow management and analyzation.  We have 5 people on our maintenance team but over 50 requesters who can submit requests and then monitor the progress to completion.  A very powerful tool indeed in an industry as varied as hospitality.  On a personal note, my happy place is canoeing and listening to Loons in the Adirondack Mountains.

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I am Greg Bond, I have used maintainx for a year now.  I am a maintenance associate with A museum in Urbandale Iowa, Living History Farms.    My primary responsibility is maintaining the dirt roads and equipment preventive maintenance /Repair.  I will soon be starting an inventory of all our tools and seeing if it can be done in maintainx system.

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my name is Patrick smith. I have been using Mantin x for close to a year now. I am the fleet and facility manager for Sallee horse vans. I have been in the maintenance field for a little over 11 years.    

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Hi! My name is Matt Gomez and I currently am the property manager for a 50 acre cattle ranch/future retreat center in the mountains of northern Georgia. We also own coffee shops in Asheville and Charlotte, NC that I help maintain. I found MaintainX 4 months ago when I started this job and am enjoying its features so far. 

Previously I was the Director of Facilities for a large organization in south Florida where we maintained 110 acres of owned land and 800k sf of conditioned space with a 2k student school on site as well. We used a large scale cmms at that organization, so starting the property managemt program at Creekside ranch I knew we needed a solid software. So far MaintainX is going great and I look forward to learning more through this community.

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My name is Jesse Smith, I am the facilities director at Sankaty Head Golf Club on Nantucket Island.

I have been in residential and commercial construction since 2002, and made a jump into this role in 2019. 
There was no system in place for work requests other than emails from the general manager or other staff. I’m not sure how the last guy organized anything.

At that time, I didn’t even know that a cmms even existed. I was browsing google for paper work request templates and I came across a cmms platform. EMaint, I reached out got pricing and was quickly opened up to the cost of cmms. I started looking around for options.
I ended up finding another platform, Upkeep, mostly because the user interface looked much more like a modern app compared to EMaint and the price was a bit better so I pulled the trigger. (I did find MaintainX at this time but for some reason I thought Upkeep looked better.)  
Now began the process of adoption across a new team that has never used any form of tracking other than maybe a notepad.

Upkeep was buggy but was an absolute game changer experiencing a cmms. 
After a while of using upkeep I kept curious about other software, and ended up redoing a trial of MaintainX, and I’m not sure what was different but the user interface was updated and looked a lot better, and a big draw was integrated messaging.

The team at MaintainX actually helped me imported all the data from upkeep into MaintainX to use for the trial and I was able to really switch over and try it with all of the existing work orders and locations etc. 


I never looked back.

MaintainX was unbelievably easier to use and I had almost immediate team adoption and reports of how easy the platform was to use.


Here I am four years later and MaintainX has continued to deliver improvements and refining it is an even better app now than when we started using it.

I appreciate them staying cutting edge and now this platform has become the central location of information for this department.

I am excited to begin to collaborate with more facility managers and MaintainX users to find new ideas and improvements. Let’s build this thing!!




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I’m Chris Bray, Maintenance Manager at the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

This is now the second organization where I’ve used or helped implement MaintainX, so you can say I’m a fan! Previously I was in Manufacturing for 15 years, starting my career as a Machinist before branching into Operations and Maintenance. I’ve now been in Maintenance roles for ~7 years, and using CMMS for the last 10 years.

I was lucky to meet Nick at the 2022 IMTS event and enjoyed chatting with him and more regularly with Gabe H. MaintainX has been a great platform so far and I appreciate the effort and enthusiasm of their team!

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My name is James Beers. I am the maintenance manager for Compotech, Inc. in Brewer, ME. I have been in the maintenance field since 1986 and have worked on many deferent systems and equipment.

This is the first time using Maintain X to operate and manage a department. I’ve been using it for about a year and find it easy to use and very helpful. I was hired here 2 years ago as the first maintenance person they ever hired. It has been a challenge to keep the operation moving forward. Maintain X has helped us organize and streamline our system and get our issues under control.

About me. I am an avid and dedicated motorcycle rider and have started a steady gym regimen after being away for 2+ decades. I love the outdoors. I fish, hunt and hike during the warmer weather but do not like the cold. Being in the maintenance field has allowed me to work in some very interesting jobs.  I have worked on everything from paper converting machinery to wind turbines to construction tower cranes. I have 3 awesome grandsons and 3 beautiful daughters.

I want to thank Maintain X for all they have done in designing and implementing their program. It has become an integral part of my system!


Hi everyone, I'm Bart Ward, a maintenance technician in the aerospace industry. I work with CNC mills and lathes, and I've been using MaintainX since August of 2023. It has been a great tool for streamlining our communication and workflow in the maintenance department. I'm always looking for ways to improve my skills and learn new things.


I have a diverse background in various fields, such as graphic design, photography, photo restoration, commercial kitchen design, and IT. I have also been an active volunteer with extracurricular youth programs for 15 years.


I'm excited to be part of this community and to learn from other professionals. I hope to share some of my experiences and insights as well. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to chat. Cheers!

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Hey there, my name is Jack Windley. I am a proud Air Force veteran who supported aerial in-flight refueling on the KC-135 airframe. After my service, I transitioned into the Oil and Gas industry working at one of the safest refineries located in the Pacific Northwest, in Washington state. During my time I had primary responsibility for the refinery’s rail operations group; overseeing crude-by-rail, LGL, molten sulpher, and Coke rail operations. I was grateful to have been part of several TAR events and capital projects throughout my 8 year time in that capacity. I then transitioned out of the Oil and Gas industry into the Chemical Manufacturing Industry having responsibility for two chemical plants in Texas and Arkansas. During that time I successfully implemented Maintain X organization wide across 13 facilities. 

In addition, I have a long background in emergency response. Starting as a municipal firefighter/emt when I was in the AF, then transitioning to the county Hazmat team serving as the county’s SME for emergency rail response in tandem during my time in the Oil and Gas Industry. 

My background and experiences hinged on having reliability as the cornerstone to everything we did. Without sound reliability processes and discipline, I could not deliver on military missions, operating process equipment, or responding to an emergency. Reliability aided with a user friendly CMMS like Maintain X, offers a fantastic solution to effectively manage and execute maintenance tasks regardless of the end user or application. 

In my free time, I enjoy coaching youth ice hockey and watching my son develop a love and passion for the game. I also enjoy giving back to local communities by volunteering with Make-A-Wish as a Wish Granter. 

i look forward to learning from this group of professionals and sharing any best practices I have. Have a great day, and be safe! 


Hi, My name is Kevin Titus. I am the Facilities Manager for Bay Mills Health Center. Bay Mills Health Center is a Tribal Community Clinic that offers Medical, Dental, Optical, and Behavioral Health services to the Bay Mills Indian Community and the general public of Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula.

I am new to Facilities Management. I entered my role in May of 2023, as a new job within our organization. As our reach and scope has grown over the past few years, our need for in-house FM became apparent and I was promoted from housekeeping to FM. The job is new within the organization, so when I’m not completing/scheduling work orders, I’m learning about the job and how my role will be defined.

My hobbies outside of work are Ice Oval Snowmobile Racing. I am a crew chief for a team that races in the Soo International 500 Snowmobile Race. It’s incredibly stressful, hard on the bank account, but the thrill of being on pit row during a Nascar-style pit stop is unrivaled.

Looking forward to having a forum specifically geared toward the CMMS platform we all use and being able to pick everyone’s brains!

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Happy Saturday, pleasure to meet each and everyone of you.
Nick, Manager Support at our very own MaintainX and co-pilot in our bi-weekly office hours.
It’s great meeting everyone here and hearing all questions and helping to resolve- we are here to help.

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Hello! My name is Michael Tong. I’m a Maintenance Technician Lead at Cuberg and I’ve been in the maintenance industry since I enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps as an Aviation GSE Tech (6073) in 2013. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to service cranes, generators, hydraulic, automotive, compressors, vacuum, HVAC, lab & manufacturing equipment, general facilities and plenty more.

Cuberg is a relatively small but rapidly scaling battery manufacturing company specializing in next generation Lithium-metal technology. As of 2021, Cuberg is owned by Swedish EV battery giant Northvolt. We recently hosted US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, and hundreds of industry leaders in clean energy as we commemorated our latest lab space expansion.

We’ve been with MaintainX since July 2022 and are Enterprise users as of January of this year. I’ve been a huge advocate for this community platform since day one and I’m excited to learn and share with you all!

I tend to pick up hobbies on a whim- lately, I’ve been into rock climbing and Magic: the Gathering. 🙃

What up everyone. I'm Barrett Marx Jens! Everyone at the plant either calls me guapo or mechanical loco. I'm really good at troubleshooting and repairs but long term reliability is a fairly new concept to me and apparently everyone I work with.! It's been fun I hope to stick around and stir up some ideas!! 


I retired in 2017 from being a maintenance supervisor and project manager for a large feed mill company I returned as a Project Consultant on a part time bases 6 months later. I have 50 years' experience in feed mills and the trucking industry. I have always strived to find why something has to be taken offline, instead of just replacing the part that broke and calling it fixed.

I took on helping to get a smaller feed plant in our parent company up to speed on this program as a challenge.  I'm 72 years young and find using this program very understandable. The tricky part is to get all the employees to buy into it, so it becomes an asset and will continues to grow.

My free time I have a 1970 Cuda that we found in a turkey shed, it was used as a parts car for someone else's build so we had to do a lot of searching for replacement parts. It was built over 3 years as a drag car. But I also do some cars shows with it also, which it has won best Mopar and best engine compartment numerous times.

Looking forward to being a part of this community.

Don Gieseke 


Hi everyone, I’m Joffre Allong from Trinidad and Tobago. I’m currently an Engineering Supervisor at Hyatt Regency and been in Facilities Management for the last 14 years. Looking to grow in the areas of asset lifecycle management and preventative maintenance. 

Love testing new tech, sharing ideas and helping others grow (as well as learn so much more myself). 

Nice to meet you all and hope we could all grow together!!





My name is Renato Andara. I am a Chemical Engineer and I have working in Plant Design and Operations for over 20 years. I live in Venezuela, and I work as a consultant, for several companies. I am very new to Maintain X, and I am learning how to use it to offer it to my clients.

Good morning, we started using MaintainX in April. Really like it so far, love to hear other feedback.

Thanks, Scott